Comprehensive risk management is becoming more and more necessary for business success. Without proper risk mitigation, a growing company could be at risk of losing it all. A massive lawsuit can destroy a company without deep pockets. For these reasons and more, smart companies and SMBs turn to FirstStarHR to help avoid unnecessary risks and improve working conditions.

Our highly effective risk management programs are tailored to your specific business vulnerabilities and needs.

Site Safety Evaluations and Policies

A common area of risk that can often be overlooked is worker safety. While it might be obvious that safety policies are needed in high-risk professions such as construction, all companies need to be safety aware. Something as simple as neglecting the ice on a frozen stairway could set your company up for a major lawsuit if someone gets hurt. The costs of avoiding workplace safety extend beyond civil suits and could include governmental fines or sanctions.

All workplaces need to be safe for employees. This might include everything from proper placement of the breakroom fridge to hardhats in a warehouse.

The FirstStarHR team is fully versed in all aspects of state and federal health and safety regulations such as OSHA. We offer site safety evaluations as well as customized safety meetings to teach your employees how to handle on-site emergencies. We can help your team establish proper health and safety policies that meet federal and state guidelines.

We also offer a self-audited program to help your company establish and verify safety standards as a part of regular business practice.

OSHA Severe Injury Reports

If the unthinkable happens and a worker is injured on the job, we can help. OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires any severe work injuries to be reported. These injuries include in-patient hospitalization, amputation, or the loss of an eye. We handle all aspects of official reporting and can additionally provide support in managing Workers’ Compensation claims.

Risk Management Services Include:

What Our Clients Are Saying

For 13 years we have enjoyed working with FirstStarHR and have found them to offer exceptional customer service. Their staff is both knowledgeable and professional allowing seamless and timely growth when we’ve needed it. Most importantly is their willingness to help and guide their clients along the way. I highly recommend FirstStarHR.

- Patti
Company Office Manager


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